Chances birthday today. Happy birthday Chance!

As you can see, I finally figured out how to upload picture to this site. Maybe I’ll post more as I go along, if you all like them 🙂

Cold one out there the last few mornings. We’ve got about 8 to 10 inches of snow that has accumulated over the past week or so and today is the first day that the wind has blown any. Not real hard out there yet, but it’s going to be a doozy tomorrow, if the predictors are right. Gusts to 50mph! That ought to make a few snow drifts!

I was at a store the other day and I commented on all the wonderful snow we got. A guy who was there ( originally from the eastern part of the state where they get more moisture and it’s usually comes as rain) whined about there not being enough moisture in this snow. I told him that this is what we get and if he didn’t like it, he should go back east, where he came from! Man, I’m gettin’ cranky in my old age. LOL

Anyway, it set me to thinkin’ and I came up with a new poem. Still maybe a little rough around the edges, but I’ll post it here.


Why is it that we always hear about
TV and movie stars who whine
they grumble about the paparazzi
the very people who make them shine

They cuss because folks are always intrudin’
wantin’ to know about their life
publishin’ stories and pictures of all their children
and which ones are cheatin’ on their wife

Them politicians, their just as bad
don’t want to answer, any of our questions
and they look so disgusted and dismayed at us
when we offer them any suggestions

Doctors complain when we hold them up
to a higher standard than most
they claim they ain’t really playin’ God
Tho’ bein’ smarter than us is their boast

Attorney’s seem to get plumb defensive
when we joke about one of their kind
But there’s a bit of truth in any humor
and an honest one seems hard to find

Yes, they’ve all sought out fame or fortune
yet they complain, when they’ve met their goal
spoiled brats, don’t want to take the good with the bad
like sinnin’ without hurtin’ your soul

I guess I shouldn’t let it bother me so much
I just get tired of a baby who pouts
like people who want to live and ranch around here
then complain about the winters and droughts

Robert Dennis 02/07

One gentleman who read this asked , “if we whine about whiners, are we whiners?” Yup. LOL

Stay warm!

One thought on “2-15-07

  1. Dang you are getting the hang of this thing!! A photo and a poem–I love it! After reading it tho’ I think I might be in the whiners group as well. And pass along Birthday greatings to the Brat in the Hat for me!

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