It’s been awhile. But then, not too much has been happening. I’ve been getting my checks loaded to the computer so I can go to the tax man next week. Boring and yet amazing, all the money we spent last year and what we spent it on. Way to much on food and fuel! Boring. LOL

A neighbor lady fell or tripped or some such, last week, and broke her leg really bad, so we went over and visited last night. Her husband had been kicked by a cow just before her injury, so they are both in poorer shape than one would like to be, what with calving, lambing and such. I hope they will call on all of their neighbors to lend them a hand, as they would be the first to lend a hand if the shoe, or cast in this case, was on the other foot! LOL

We had fog most of the day yesterday and some this morning. Supposedly we will have rain in 80 to 90 days from the fog. I hope so.

We did get a little snow, but the weather has been mild for this time of the year, or maybe I’m just thinking it is mild compared to 0 or 10 above.

My cows don’t look to be in any hurry to start having calves, so I just feed and putt around here. Been working on a saddle and have a couple more to get down before summer, if possible.

I better quit writing and get to putting! LOL

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