Vetern’s day.

I hope we all remembered to give thanks to our vets. Without them and their sacrifices over the years, we would not be enjoying most of the privledges we do.

I always try and remember to thank a vet for their service, whenever I meet one. I got to talk to an old Marine last summer, who was in some of the bloodiest battles of the south Pacific, when he served during WWII. He acted very surprised when I told him I would like to shake his hand and thank him. That’s to bad. It meant that no one else had done it. At least not for a long time.

My father and one of his brothers were turned down from the Army during WWII because of disabilities. Funny, they always seemed to be able to fight pretty good, as I remember!

The younger brother, Wayne, did serve and was awarded several commendations and medals. No one in my family ever told me about this. Just that he had served. What a shame. A hero who I personally knew and never had the chance to discuss it with him.

So if you know a vet, whether from WWII or any other war or conflict, thank them. They served so we might have freedoms. I wish this country would treat them better!

On the lighter side, we awoke to 3 or 4 inches of wet snow Friday morning. At this writing, it is about gone. I’m sure thankful for the moisture and hope it keeps this cycle up, this winter. A little snow, a little sunshine to melt it. Then in the spring, it can get real nice and just rain a whole bunch! LOL

I went to Vermilion and had a great time. If any of you are in the area, I advise you to stop in at Valiant Vineyard, on the west side of town. A real neat place, whether you drink wine or not. (I didn’t as I had to drive afterwords.) It’s also a B&B. Wish I had know that earlier, I might have gotten a room and sampled all their wines! LOL

Had a great crowd and a good time. Sold lots of books and really enjoyed the ladies of the WIFE group, who I was entertaining. A very good group who are trying to improve and lobby for, agriculture. Any of you who are involved in ag, should look into this group. If we don’t speak up for ourselves, no one else will.

Thanks ladies, I sure enjoyed your company!

And I had a great time. And thanks Bob and Sue, for putting up with me and saving me the cost of a motel room, with a hard bed. Like Goldilocks, my bed at your house, was juuusssstttt right!

Hope you all had a good day. 🙂

3 thoughts on “11/1/06

  1. Loved the blog! As I am sure you know Mad and I have flown a bunch this year….somewhere in range of 50,000 miles. We see a large assortment of military personal in the airport. Many of them returning home….its amazing the reaction! People clap, smile, shake their hands, or simply nod in greeting. It is nice to know they don’t pass in the crowd unnoticed!

  2. Kevin’s brother, Jim – his son, Josh, is in the Army and just got back from a year in Iraq. He’s going to Afghanistan next. Our son-in-law was in Iraq for a year and just got home in Sept. We’re sure proud of our guys.

  3. It’s nice to know we have good people who are willing to do what they must, to protect and preserve our nation.

    I sure hope they get this mess fixed in a hurry, but I’m afraid it’s going to take a long time.

    And as soon as we get a handle on this one, there is bound to be another, we will have to get involved in.

    Every returning vet I’ve talked to, told me they would be glad to go back, if they were needed. Great people!

    Thanks for the comments, you two!

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