It’s been a long week. Dusty called and wanted me to come to Gillette and help him out for a couple of days. A “couple of days” turned into a week!

It was kind of fun. I sure like playin’ with them “Tonka Toys for big boys”. Especially the trackhoe. I do believe I could comb someones hair with it now!

Dusty had me take it to a spot where someone had dumped a bunch of piles of dirt mixed with broken up rocks and asphalt. I got on top and pushed and pulled it until it was all level. Sure helped my finesse.

I don’t imagine I could keep up with him, but I can sure hold my own. I got to dig up a water line and of course, it wasn’t where it was supposed to be, so I cut it in two with the backhoe bucket. Good thing it wasn’t hooked up to the water yet!

Gillette is about like an anthill that someone has kicked over. Too many people and not enough cafes and restaurants. You wait in long lines wherever you go and wait to be waited on and served. It gets old, fast!

The weather was real nice. Had to take my coat or vest off during the middle of the day.

I’m supposed to go back on Monday, so maybe I’ll get to work with horses for a day and then back to the coal mine! LOL

Hope you’ve been having good days also.

Oh, and I’m supposed to say Hi to Becca, in California. So HI, Becca! LOL

One thought on “11/18/06

  1. Hmmmm I am thinking you don’t get to ask santa for your own tonka toy for christmas! But Hey I have been wrong before!

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