We had some snow on the ground this morning, but it melted off pretty quick.

I’m headed out to Vermillion, SD tomorrow to do a show for a group. Should be fun as we are holding it at a vineyard! And there is supposed to be a wine tasting! 🙂

I worked with some of the colts some more the other day. We are all learning a lot. They are getting better and the job is about done. Then they go home and I get paid. It’s a wonderful incentive system!

Thank you all who responded. It’s easier to write these things, when I know someone is reading them. I sure appreciate it.

On cowboypoetry.com they have a deal that is called the Art Spur program. They have a picture or painting and everyone is supposed to write and submit a poem about the picture. It’s intended to “spur” you on, I guess. I was the subject in the last picture. I was leading a spare horse behind me so they called it, “Leading a spare.” They got some real good poems for it.

This time, the picture is of a guy on a horse who is dragging a Christmas tree home. Here is the poem I submitted.

Draggin’ in the tree

It’s gettin’ to be that time of year again
To be thinkin’ of ol’ Santy and such
To be thankful for what all we’ve recieved
I sometimes wonder how we got so dang much

Oh, I know that Thanksgiving is over for this year
and it’s Christmas that’s right around the bend
No, I ain’t got my seasons mixed up
You must think I’ve lost my mind, ol’ friend

See, some folks think Christmas is all about recievin’
and maybe that’s true for some
But for me Christmas is a lot more about givin’
and bein’ thankful for where I come from

Out here in cow country we’ve sure got some problems
But they ain’t nuthin’ we ain’t faced before
But drought, low prices and politics are the usual
‘Course this time, we got folks off to war

Them soldiers are fightin’ for all of us
and so others might have what we’ve got
Democracy, it’s about the greatest gift we can give
and the price has sure cost us a lot

So I cut this ol’ tree and I’m draggin’ it in
When I stand it up and look at it, I’ll pause
I’ll reflect on all them fine soldiers over there
Passin’ out this gift, playin’ Santy Claus

Hope you all are having a good day also.

4 thoughts on “11/9/06

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  2. Hey you! Cool site—I just read the story they did on you. I loved the photos. Ever search your name? amazing what comes up huh?

  3. Yes, I did “google” my name one time. How do they get all that info? LOL

    Maybe I’ll go check your name? 🙂

    Glad you liked the story. I’m assuming you meant the one that was the cover story for Cowboy magazine.

    A friend came down and did an interview. She did a nice job. This latest issue, the cover story is a friend of mine I did a story on. I think he’s more interesting, but then, he had a real good writer, doing the story!LOL

  4. Hey dad,
    Nice poem there.. pretty cool… I’m gunna coment on this one and the other one.. as I am to lazy to post on both.. HUH go figure huh… Glad u had a good time in Valintine…. On the snow thing.. Ya pretty DANG happy for the moisture.. but not likin the cold weather and the crappy roads though… think I could live without that…LOL…. I read ur post once in awhile… I may have a lil catchin up to do, but hey I still read it… so THERE HA!.. anyway.. better get off of here… Talk to u later…
    Kass 🙂

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