Oct 11,06

We got a taste of winter today.

I was in Gillette, WY helping my nephew. We woke to snow and predictions of high winds, so me and another guy who is working over there, headed for home. I guess it isn’t too much fun digging basements and laying sewer and water pipes, when it’s snowing!

It was nice at the ranch when I got home. I hurried around and did some fall chores that should have been done a few weeks ago.

We had a colt clinic here on Sunday and a few neighbors came and we sure had fun and learned and re-learned some good things to do with these young horses, when your wanting to get them started off right. Thanks Eric, sure enjoyed it, and appreciate your taking the time to try and help a few of us old duffers and some young pups, some of the lessons you’ve learned!

Now I’ve got to get back to the saddle I’m building and I’ll probably head back over to Gillette in a day or two and see if Dusty will still let me play with his big Tonka toys!

Hope you all are having a good day, too.

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