Oct 7, 06

Well, I have a new skill!

My nephew called and wanted me to help him out for awhile. Tho’ I really have plenty to do, I’ve turned him down so many times, that I just hated to do it again.

So yesterday and today, I learned to run one of his backhoes. It’s fun and I can see my skill level getting better all the time. I haven’t had to do much more than dig holes in the ground, but I still needed to do a good job. I think I did. The guy I dug the hole for today, seemed happy with it.

I don’t know as I am ready to dig a basement for anyone in a tight area, but I could if they gave me enough time!

Wind came up this afternoon and and I hear it’s supposed to be cooler tomorrow and even cooler the next day. Might even snow. Oh well, this is South Dakota, the land of Infinate Variety, so anything can happen. We might see snow and then warm days and rain a few days after. It’s all moisture, so I guess I’ll be happy to get it.

We are at 9 inches of moisture total for the year and our average is 16 so we need lots more. I just hope it comes as warm rains! And then it can snow in late March or early April, when we don’t have to look at it too long and it will melt off and fill dams and waterholes.

But like I said, I’ll take it all. I ain’t going to argue with the man in charge of the moisture, I’ll just be thankful we got some!

Have a happy Columbus day or as we celabrate in SD, a Happy Native American day.

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