another day on the ranch

Well, I ordered some more leather for saddles today and talked to my saddle tree man about a tree he is copying for me for a new saddle for an old customer. Well, he really ain’t that old, but he has had me work on a couple others for him.

I caught a ride to town this morning so I could go with Cindy to our son’s, for his birthday. We had a nice supper and got to spoil my grandson a little. He’s one and a half and starting to string some words together. He sure is a cute little rascal!

I’m gong to help a neighbor move some cattle tomorrow and then go get some small square bales. I’ve got some yearling’s coming in to halter break and work with so I need some hay for when they aren’t out grazing. Wish the hay was cheaper. $3.25 a bale and he said they weight about 60 pounds. Thats a lot, when you figure it out by the ton!

About all for tonight!

3 thoughts on “another day on the ranch

  1. Grandkids are God’s reward for not killing your teenagers!

    You and a grandson, look out world! (Kevin’s sure enjoying his 3 grandsons after all girls!)


  2. I am glad I found your blog! Send a hello to the gang. I read in the journal that you are hosting the Cowboy Poetry thing-a-m-jig in Hot Springs. Sorry I am going to miss it! But hoping you have a good time just the same.

  3. Sounds like u had a fun day…. Glad ya thought the b-day dinner was good.. Was thunkin that u might of thought it was NASTY!!! As always we love havin ya here… Maybe not so much on the spoilin the grand kid thing… but I suppose I’ll have to get over that… 😦 Anyway, hope ya have a good day and Nice blog by the way Donna/Robert… talk to u later… kass

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