Back to normal

We are back to our normal doings around the ranch.

I have finished up the ceiling in the living room and Cindy is back to working on the kitchen. She painted this morning and helped me with the ceiling this afternoon. She has been putting polyurethane on the wood, I put up in the ceiling of the living room.

About noon, a neighbor and his son stopped in. They had been to another neighbors, helping them to gather and ship their calves. We had to go look at the colts, which they pronounced as good looking! It’s always nice to have your feelings affirmed!

Chance was up and helped me for a bit this am, but he had to leave and take Hope to her doctor appointment this afternoon and then they have a meeting this evening. Cindy and I should go to the meeting also, but it’s in Spearfish and we have driven and gone enough for awhile!

We are going to Box Elder tomorrow evening for Tate’s celebration of his birth. (he will be 24 tomorrow) He has informed his mother that he wants a carrot cake for a present, which she will gladly oblige. I am looking forward to spending time with him and Kass, but mostly, I just want to spend more time spoiling our grandson. After all, I remember what a pain his father was and I want revenge!

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