Oct 2, 06

Well, I survived another gathering at Hot springs! Hard to believe this was the ninth one. Man, I am getting old!

On Sunday I went to New Underwood and met Chance and Hope and we went to Curtis Coomes’ ranch and looked at horses. He lives south of Scenic and isn’t too far from pine Ridge. Sure is pretty country down there. High rolling hills and lots of pine trees.

Curtis and Peggy have an old timey ranch and they have lots of land to run on, with few fences. If some young feller was interested in starting colts and working on an old time run ranch, he should give Curtis a call. Curtis has lots of colts to start and likes to have them started in a hackamore.

Curtis has lots of horses and they are all well bred and have a lot of bone. Kind of a cowboy kind of horse. They are built to handle lots of miles in rough country.

We sure enjoyed getting to look at them and even ended up picking up a little blue roan. The feller who is working for Curtis followed us home with a trailer and delivered the colt and seven head of yearlings, that we are going to halter break and gentle a little bit. They seem nice and I don’t think it’s going to be too big of a problem.

Tyler came out for his day off and is going to stay over night and vote in the morning and then head back to Spearfish. He picked up Hope on his way here and Chance stopped in when he got off from work and they all ate with us and we watched a movie.

Cindy and I went down to Eric’s and picked up our young stud. Eric did a real nice job with him and Mijo will get to spend the winter with the weanling colts and get fed a little better then the rest of the horses.

Cindy and I got halters on all of the weaning colts today. And I kicked the mares back across the road, as they have about forgotten that they had colts and there is good grass there.

I wasn’t feeling too well, so I kind of took the rest of the day off.

Hope your day went as well as mine.

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