Hot one out there and supposed to stay this way until Sunday. Supposed to get up to 100 on Saturday. Here’s a couple of pix of the TV cabnet with the doors Chance made. Sorry Pixie, horse tomorrow maybe.

Happy Independence day from our horser to yours! I wish I had something sufficiently patriotic to post on here, for a picture, but I don’t. Tho’ if I had taken my camera with me today, I could have taken a picture of a white horse, someone had added red and blue too. Now that isContinue reading

Peekaboo, I see you! I probably won’t post anything tomorrow as Tyler, Tris and I are going to go down and meet up with Tate and Gabe and go and see if we can find some fish to bite on my fly line. Hope you have a patriotic 4th of July! 🙂 Say a prayerContinue reading

Here’s some funky photo’s. Same subject, almost the same picture but i did some different things to them. Another funky photo. There you go Pixie, two to make up for no horse pictures yesterday!

While the kids were out I took a few pic’s of Gus. Here’s Gus on an angora hide that hasn’t been made into chaps, yet! Gus and uncle Tyler. Hot out there today! Up to about 96.

Here’s one from last spring, Mad. Chance on Frankie. What a difference a year makes. We’ve got a grandson we didn’t have and the kids live 100 miles from where we live now. Only get to see them on some weekends. Oh well, life goes on.