This is the first house plant in our 28 years of being married that Cindy has ever gotten to bloom. She is so excited! Most die before she gets them this far. She claims she doesn’t have a green thumb, but the stuff in the garden always seeems to look and do good. Here youContinue reading

“As long as I am on this side of Mom, you can’t get me!” Had some yearlings out this morning, so got the horses in and put them back and found some more out and where they got out, put them all back and fixed the fence. Switched horses and rode down south and gotContinue reading

“Why are my legs so long and my neck so short? Are you sure I’m not part giraffe, Mom? Went up to faith this morning and watched them folks show their horses and what they could do. Dean rode along. We went and ate dinner, (thanks Dean for buying lunch) then got a few groceries,Continue reading

Here’s a picture of Mijo for you Mad. Been staying kind of busy but I really ain’t too sure at what. Don’t seem like I’m getting alot accomplished but I’m makin’ lots of tracks! Have got about 80 bales hauled in and stacked up. Fixed up an old hay wagon to do it with. IContinue reading

Suzies filly is getting big. Tris went over and helped a neighbor haul little square bales yesterday morning and I went up and hauled big round bales. After dinner, the neighbor brought Tris back and offered the use of his truck to help me haul my bales. We ended up with him driving his truckContinue reading

We gathered the bulls out of the yearling heifers today. While we were at it we doctored anything with footrot and sorted Chance and my cows off and put them in a different pasture, as we run a later breeding season. I don’t like calving in March. I’ve lost too many calves to blizzards andContinue reading

Big ol’ full moon coming up this evening. Kind of blurry, but you get the idea. Kids were all home this weekend. I don’t think Gus likes caps any better than his Grampa does! No pony pix , Pixie! I know, I know, I’ll get some new ones taken!