We have had some interesting weather. Some seem to think Mother Nature has been off her meds! Seems normal to me, looking back at past things I have written down and saved. 

Many are calving and fighting the cold and enjoying the warmer temps. As I write this we have a cold south east wind blowing. It doesn’t matter which way the wind comes from, it is always cold out of the south east!

Lent is here. It is supposedly 40 days of fasting almsgiving, and prayer to better reunite Christians with the Lord. I always give up some bad habits. One of them is cussing. It is a terrible habit and usually by Easter I have got it under control. Tho’ I seem to slowly go back to it as the year passes.  Seems like I could get over it and just quit, but I am a weak willed person evidently. Sure makes it harder for me when things don’t go as planned! And I am one of those people who likes to burn my bridges before I get to them!

Also in the world news is all the fuss over east, or perhaps west, depending on which way your looking, with the Ukraine and Russia. I have been watching lots of first person videos on the computer with arguments on both sides as to what is going on. I do know I will never ever trust the main stream media again, after all the propaganda they have been putting out for years. It gets worse every year!

I find it interesting all the speculation as to the why’s and what is really going on. Like many things, we probably will never get the 100% real story. I do think we need to keep our nose out of it. And I think the present leaders of this country have a lot of nerve for suggesting that we get involved. Heck, we had tyranny just across the border to the north and nobody suggested we go in and help those who were being mistreated. You got to admit, it would be cheaper. Why we could just cross the northern border. Heck, we could take care of it in a couple days and be back for supper!

And now you know why I am not in politics! Watch the weather and be prepared. Enjoy the good with the bad and I will see you next week.

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  1. It seems that our great minds run in the same channel. I sure agree about the main stream media, haven’t watched them in two years. You know they’re lying when their mouth moves. Have to read and search out the truth.

  2. I would like to know why you think we should not get involved with Russia wanting to take over the Ukraine.

    1. Because we really don’t know what is going on. All the media are liars. I have seen good reasons on both sides. It is not our business.

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