Slim can get kind of cranky

‘specially when things don’t go just right

Like when a first calf heifer prolapses

And it’s in a blizzard, in the night

Or when cattle fall thru the ice

Into freezing cold icy water

If you don’t get them out and warmed up

They bloat like a new married daughter!

Or maybe he finds his best horse

Cut up by that dang barbed wire

Or lightning strikes some real nice hay

You lose it all to the fire

Calving seems to bring the beast out

His wife can hardly stand him

She and the preachers been working 

“Just look on the bright side, Slim”

So Slim has been really trying

And I seen it’s working, you bet

I asked him how his calving was going

 Said, “Well, they ain’t all died yet!”

RDennis 4/2020

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