Decoration Day

It is Memorial Day as I write this.

So many thoughts as this day goes by. My great Grandfather was in the Civil War. My grandfather missed out on WWI. My Dad and one of his brothers were both listed as 4F but the youngest did serve in the European Theater in WWII. He never said much about it. Other than to say when they shipped home it was on a banana boat and there were thousands of sick men on it from the 11 days at sea and rough passage. 

My older brother enlisted at the end of the Viet Nam war. I was in between. My middle son served in Iraq. He doesn’t talk too much about it. Cindy has a nephew who has been over to the sandbox 3 times.

All those wars. All those fine men and women who went and did what was asked of them. It always chokes me up when I think of them and the ones who are still enlisting. Willing to put their butt on the line at any given moment. 

Some say, well, I just was a cook or a mechanic or a paper pusher. I don’t care. You went! And thank you all for doing so. 

And thanks to those who gave it all and did not come back alive, or the ones who did but suffered for ever after from the effect of what they went thru’.

That is courage. That is bravery.

THOSE are MY hero’s.

Thank you Lord for sending us men and women who did what they did.

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