Friday night when I got home I had a pain in my side.. thought it was gas..couldn't sleep.. finally when Cindy woke up at about 4 we decided I better go to the doctor.. after much checking, they decided I needed my appendix taken out.
 So they made an appointment with a surgeon in Spearfish, we drove there and about 3:30 Saturday afternoon I woke up with a bad trippy drug induced mind, some extra holes in my hide and we headed home. Everything was way weird, ok, even for me,  but Cindy did a great job driving me home, tho' I was sure we were going to die at any minute because 15 mph felt like 60 mph and the car was so jerky. 
Guess I will never make it as a druggie...paranoia and weirdness are not my bag.. so now we know one more drug that doesn't work for me. 
I told the Doctor I liked Demoral for pain medicine and any kind of drug like morphine or similar didn't work. He said Demoral was old fashioned and they didn't use it any more... guess what, it is the only one that works for me.           
    Doctors and nurses were all very nice, but you sure find out what it feel like being a cow and run thru' the chute!
So today, we needed to sort some cattle. Chance and the crew could handle it, but I felt good enough to wander down and watch awhile.. then I stole my horse who Gus was riding and made him go get another one. 
Felt good! Way more comfortable than my easy chair or a bed.
We quit for lunch and they went back out to finish up by bringing another bunch in. I was going to stay in the house, but got ancy and uncomfortable, so went back out. Gus was riding my nice young horse, so I stole him and made him ride the other horse I had ridden earlier.  
    Even better! This young horse is easy to get along with and pretty smooth.
I guess what they say is right. The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man. And before you start calling and writing and cussing me for a fool, I did use a mounting aid to get on. And I felt better after the ride than before. Matter of fact only thing that is sore is my right side where I tried to stretch and yawn this morning and I must have pulled something.. but it isn’t bad.. just sore.           
    Amazing what the medical profession can do these days. 
    Now, if I can just get them to use Demoral again!

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