Rain! We got some! Sure is great stuff. Grass looks better and it smells wonderful. I guess everything looks better after a bath!

We have been working on a water project. Not going the way I planned, but you would think I would expect that, because it always seems to go that way. Things I didn’t think about that have to be dealt with and crop up. But when all the work, worry and sweat are over, it will be worth it and the pain and misery of it forgotten. At least by me! I can’t seem to remember much of any thing any more. I bought a small notebook to keep in my pocket, to write things down, so I wouldn’t forget them, but I can’t remember where I put it! I guess I could make note on the phone I have in my pocket, but I would forget how to go back and find them, I am sure!

Coming home from a branding the other day with a couple grandkids and they were telling me about their school work. Something was mentioned about the computers they worked on in school. My granddaughter asked me, “Grampa, what kind of computer did you do your school work on? “

When I told her that we didn’t have computers back then, her eyes got real big. I then explained that there were computers in the world, but they would have been about the size of the pickup and trailer we were riding in and pulling. I told her the the computer in my pocket, which is a phone and many other things, would be so much more powerful and do so much more than those old computers that were so big back then. Then I started telling them about all the things we have now that we didn’t back then. Like microwaves. And that all the food came unprepared. Except for pot pies and TV dinners. TV dinners took some explaining!

I remember my dad, who was born in 1914, telling me, that when he was a kid and the first cars started coming around, people were saying that by the time he was older, everyone would have a flying car. And he was pretty disgusted that in his old age he still didn’t have a flying car!

I saw awhile back, where they had made a drone that you could ride in and fly low, over the ground. Yeah, baby, that is what I am waiting for!

I sure hope your getting rain and we all get a bunch more!

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  1. Here in western Washington, rain sure isn’t something that we are lacking. Green sure is a pretty color.

    1. Thank you.. looks like we will have to sell some we didn’t want to.. oh well, it is what it is and you get years like this in this country.

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