Sure has been nice weather. Only way it could be better is if it was raining every day! I see some have been getting some moisture. Hope someone ordered more for this area!

Calving is about wrapped up. Ours have calved out pretty steady. Gramma and I pulled a slick one the other day. While checking the drop bunch, there was quite a bunch close to a gate so with some fancy foot work by my little jitney, and some older cows who new the drill, we got quite a big bunch of them pairs kicked out. Took a little patience and it maybe ain’t the cowboy way, but when you get older, you tend to get smarter…sure saved us some time kicking them out and there was getting to be a lot in there. As they say, there is more than one way to skin a cat. 

Wonder where that expression came from? Who in the heck skins cats? Or are they talking about skinning a cat as in a Caterpillar type cat that you can push and dig in the dirt with.? And if so, what do they mean by it…? If anyone knows, I’d appreciate them telling me! These kinds of questions keep me awake at night!

Had some runt cowpunchers up here this evening.. riding the little ponies and half ponies. Getting ready for an upcoming branding, I guess. I sure will be glad when they get big enough to catch my horse and saddle and bridle him for me.

We have a water project in the works. Bringing water from one well that has better water and switching the well we use now to just livestock water. Criss crossing of lines.. trying not to hit any electrical or phone lines. The guy broke down Friday afternoon late and had to repair. My feet were shot and I ain’t no help at mechanic works so I quit and went to the house. I guess he told Chance he will be back in a few days… so we have some big holes around, waiting to hook and un hook lines.. got a partial ditch to put pipe in and finish when he gets back. I was smart enough to take some photos and draw a little map, so down the road, maybe someone will have an idea where all these lines are at. Sure wish Dad and I had thought of that all those years back when we first started putting in lines around the buildings. So far we haven’t struck gold or oil so I guess God still doesn’t want me to get rich. Probably figures I’d just waste it on land and cattle!

Here’s hope by the next time I write we are all fighting mud!

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