Cold! Or should I have spelled that… brrrrrrrrrr!

It sure decided to act like winter lately.. hopefully by the time you read this in the paper it will have warmed back up to our balmy weather we had been having.

Guess we shouldn’t complain, as in this country, you just know there is going to be some cold. Maybe it will kill off the last of the box elder bugs!

I was talking to friend in Texas the other day and as we were finishing up our conversation on the phone, he told me to come see him. I told him the way the weather was fixing to get it might be real soon. He remarked it was supposed to only get up to 10 above down there… well, heck, might just as well stay home I guess.

Speaking of Texans, I went to a horse shoeing clinic some years back, put on a guy who used to be from this area. He mentioned that he and his wife had moved to Texas not too long before that. “What? Why on earth would you want to move down there with all them big talking, bragging Texans?” I asked.

He told me that he kind of worried about that himself, but so far had found everyone to be real nice and welcoming. He had mentioned to an older rancher about this and said he was kind of surprised. As he put it to the rancher, “You know outside of Texas, you people don’t have the best reputation.”

The older rancher told him, “Son, what you don’t know is that every fall we go in and cull all the sorry dinks and ship them out of state.” He paused for a moment and then said, “ Most of them move to Oklahoma!”

I laughed pretty hard and told him that Cindy and I had spent three days, one night in Oklahoma. Not putting down either state, but we had a room with no heat or hot water and it was a small enough town and late enough we didn’t bother looking for another one. And I can say at least I didn’t  drive thru’ Kansas either time!

But thats a story for another time. Here is hoping your tractor don’t gel up and your stock all makes it thru’ this cold snap in good shape!

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