Since last I wrote about the new pup, she has settled in great. She is getting everyone trained to do her bidding! Well, maybe not the house cat. Skritchy ( a cross between Scratchy and Itchy) is a about three quarters grown bob tailed cat. As everyone knows, bob tailed cats are the best mousers! Must be doing her job as we ain’t seen nary hide nor hair of a mouse in the house for a long time!

But as I was stating, Skritchy doesn’t seem to think a tiny dog about a third of her size needs to be listened to or taken orders from. This seems to puzzle Bugz (the name the pup has acquired.. yeah, we get pretty original in naming animals around here) who has those dog genes that make her sure cats are supposed to run from dogs. Might be the problem is that Skritch has not admitted to nor attested to the fact that Bugz is a dog!

It is kind of entertaining to watch them stalk and chase and run away from each other. Especially now that Scratch has decided she doesn’t need to use claws to defend herself. She gets in a tipped over small box like a Mountain Lion in it’s lair and awaits the unsuspecting pup, who strives mightily to attack. Problem is, Scritch just don’t care. Have you ever noticed a cat can ignore something better than any other animal? But, when Skritch decides it is time to play, (I thinks she thinks Bugz is her own personal squeaky toy) the fight is on. She grabs the pup and envelopes her as best she can, but I got to give Bugs credit, she is getting pretty crafty at turning the attacks away and writhing from the grips of the feline. Kind of reminds me of watching these young boys at wrestling.

Other than that, life is the same old same old around here. The weather is turning colder and looks like winter might finally arrive. Worse the luck. Oh well, we had a good run of warm weather. I guess it is to be expected. Maybe the cold will kill off the last of the Boxelder bugs.

3 thoughts on “2/5/21

  1. That gave me a good laugh to start my day! Have you seen the page Simon’s Cat on Facebook? It’s an animated cartoon done by someone who knows cats well, and your story is just like one of his scenes.

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