Turned out to not be so bad today.. got up to 6 or so and not much wind. We put in a tank this winter, a tire tank and hand’t used it until today… it was really iced over.. had to do a lot of chopping to get down to water.. almost a foot.. water line coming up thru’ was ice almost to where it comes in, so we got it running, took off the float and just letting it run to thaw all the ice out.. I went and checked a bit ago and there is still lots of ice to melt. We brought the cows down south in and put them up west and they can come in to the lane behind the house where there is plenty of shelter and stay out of the wind and get a goods drink of warm water. This is the first we have fed them any hay… They were pretty excited about the fish grass and didn’t even hurry to come to the hay. I just watched a hay auction and some about 50 miles west of me brought almost 200 a ton.. we need more but hopefully can find it closer and cheaper.

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