Since last I wrote, Cindy and I celebrated our 42 wedding anniversary. And most people, at the time we got married, told us it wouldn’t last!

I am amazed. We have a 40 year old son, who was just a little kid a couple years ago, it seems. And not very long go I saw a young man in the mirror and now there is this old guy who watches me shave. How does that happen so quick? One day your bullet proof and before your know it, you step off the porch step and turn your ankle and you can barely walk for a month!

Last spring, the first part of May, I ran to shut a gate before a bull got thru’, I didn’t want to get thru’, and stumbled and jammed my thumb. It still gives me grief if I use it too much or wrong.

Yup, I sure would have taken care of myself a lot better, if I had known I was going to live this long. One thing about getting older, is it is a lot cheaper for me to party. One drink and I am happy to quit, and if I make it to 10 pm it has been quite a night!

Another thing that happened, since last I wrote, is that Cindy got a new puppy. Our middle son, Tate, got it for her. ( He has now been cut from my will…) Little thing is so tiny! Chiwawa ( yeah, I know it isn’t spelled that way, but that is how it is pronounced, so that is how I spell it!) and Yorkie. She had a little Yorkie years back she loved, and has always wanted another tiny dog. 

I don’t like pet dogs. I like working dogs. Like my Border Collie. She works cows, cats and kids and would work horses if I let her. She will watch a gate to keep the cattle in or go get them if they get out. Jumps in the tractor or pickup with ease. Judy like a dog is supposed to do. 

This one, she calls Bugz, is just a play toy for the house cat! Hopefully she will learn to hate mice as much as her mistress and kill all she encounters. Right now she is pretty mean to the little stuffed toys. And the little puppy is too! 

Weather has stayed pretty nice. We didn’t even notice if we had a January thaw this year. I am blaming it on the new President. Seems like the thing to do.. blame every thing on him! At least that is what happened to the last one.

Well, I better quit writing and go see if the cat has eaten the new pup yet!

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