Seems I don’t write on here as much as I used to. I guess it is because this blog and site have taken on another purpose and I spend too much time writing and posting photos on other sharing sites.. ie. Facebook, Instagram, Mewe and such. I started writing a weekly spot for a local paper and it seems to take up most of my ideas…

Tate got Cindy a little house mutt, against my objections. Thats it, he is out of the will! Little white booger with brown around an eye and around it’s tail. I say it’s, as she claims it is female and I claim it is male… the plumbing don’t look right to me, for it to be female… to low and far away from the tail… time will prove one of us right, I guess.

I had my 63rd birthday on the thirteenth and a friend who reads this blog faithfully sent me a nice card, as she always does. You would think I would be smart enough to remember her birthday and reciprocate…but I always forget. I am sure she knows how much I appreciate it and her and her husband. Maybe someday they will come visit again. I hope so.

Been a pretty dry, warm winter. We don’t get many of those. I used to think we had to have winter snow for moisture and especially to fill water holes. We have enough wells and pipeline we can do with out the natural and man made water holes, but it’s always nice to see them full. This is a high desert area and normally (like it is ever normal around this country) we get about 15 inches of moisture. Over the years I have noticed that the snows that come in March and April seem to do us more good than the stuff that hangs around all winter. And I bet we are about to get some. Seems like most of our moisture comes in April, May and June. But it always varies.

Dad always said, “The Good Lord will send us just as much as we need and evidently some years we don’t need as much!” Here is hoping He wants us to have a more normal type year, moisture wise. About the 1st of April when we are supposed to start calving, I bet we start getting some moisture.

One thought on “Hello!

  1. Been an unseasonably warm dry winter here too. Don’t think I have ever seen January with the lawn and pastures bare in this neck of the woods as it is now. But Like you say, February onwards will likely make up for that.

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