December 1st

Wow.. Dec 1. How did that happen? Seems like this year has flown by in some ways and drug along in others.

We have had a great year for guests. Quit a few came and stayed from over night to a week. Got some more coming this week for a few days, sounds like.

All the kids and a few extras showed up here for Thanksgiving. Turkey and trimmings and prime rib. Tate always cooks the prime rib and it is always good. As far as I am concerned turkey is meant to eat another day and eat it cold in a sandwich or make some home made turkey noddle soup. I guess it is better than chicken, but not much! I like beef!

We had snow and cold earlier, then we have had some Indian summer weather. Been nice and we have got quite a few odd jobs done on fences that have been needing it pretty bad. We are supposed to wean calves on Saturday . Weather is cooler and real windy today, but supposed to get better again. I think Cindy and I have to go to town tomorrow and get some stuff. I know we could use more pellets for the stove. It runs most of the time. Not sure if it is more economical, but is nice to have the wood heat.

We have a couple Christmas shows coming up. Chance and I and a local lady and a couple cool dudes from up in the Hills. One on Sunday and then another just before Christmas. We all got together and got who is doing what figured out and a run thru’. We will get together a couple more times before the show to practice, tho’ everyone is doing songs we all know well, so it is not too big of a deal.

If I think of it I will write on here before Christmas. Hope you guys are all doing well!

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