Santas scarf

From an idea from my friend Sue. Hope you like it Sue!

Some don’t know what a scarf is

At least the scarf some cow folks wear

A big piece of cloth that goes ‘round the neck

Like the ones ladies used to tie over their hair

Cowboys, punchers and buckaroos

Found that when tied around the neck

It helped keep you warm in winter time

Good as another coat, by heck

Some will use it to cover their face

Just hang it over their nose

Tie it in back of their head

Keeps the dust out when the wind blows

Some call them wild rags

Cause mostly they are big and bright

Made from silk are the best

Warm and lightweight , just right

And now that we got the Woo Han flu

Spreading around all over the land

Many have taken to using it for that

Stops sneezes to beat the band

So when my ol’ pal Santa calls me up

And asks just what he’s supposed to do

To meet the mandates spreading around

To prevent the Woo Han flu

I tells him to get a wild rag

And to tie it over his face

Besides stopping snot slinging

It will help him to have a warm face!

“But what about the reindeer?”, he asks

“Well shoot, do the same for them”

“How do I get them big enough?,” he asks

The kind of wrinkled my brain stem!

“Bigger,” I shouts! “Bigger!”

“Then they will fit their big nose”

“How do I keep them on?”, he asks

“Just tie them to their antlers I suppose!”

So when you look up Christmas Eve

And see Santy and that bright red sled

Pay no mind to them flappin’ rags you see

Just taking precautions that Woo Han don’t spread!

Rdennis 12/20

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