Our large area, small population community, (like most of the areas in western SD) has a community hall. There has been one here since the start of the town back in 1908, I believe. Over the years several have set here. New ones built, old ones moved or torn down and a few years ago, we tore ours down to the hard wood floors then rebuilt it, all new. We had a fund raiser and people were very generous. We got a nice new facility which has a kitchen and inside bathroom and even AC. We are right up town and fancy!

But everyone knows these buildings need maintenance and upkeep and of course…insurance! So periodically we as a community do things to raise funds to keep in the black to pay the bills of the year, such as insurance, as mentioned, heating and what ever comes along. No, we do not have a bank account we can over draw. If we want something, we need to figure out a way to pay for it.

For the last several years, the ladies have got together and baked goodies and then they take them up to Crazy Horse monument and sell them to people who are hiking to the top of the monument. They do it in the spring and fall, the hike that is.. we usually go for the fall one. I “helped” them a few years ago. It was fun. 

This past weekend was another Volksmarch, as they call it. Our group was there selling goodies again. Several of us husbands went along to “help”. Our help mostly consists in helping set up, tear down, and making a general bother of ourselves… we encourage people to stop and partake in the goodies, for a modest fee, of course. We greet passers by. Tease and generally try to make them laugh. We even had some who asked for a foot massage this year.

It is always interesting to see all the different people who make the hike. Usually we meet some cool people who stop and visit. This year, I think the best one was Vic, from New York, who now resides in North Carolina. Tho’ covered from head to foot in clothing, it was obvious that Vic was in favor of tattoos… many and more! He was very friendly and explained why he had so many and showed us some and gave blow by blow descriptions of getting them, which we of course winced at. Most cowboys and ranchers have scars… those seem to be our favorite forms of skin markings.

Tho’ it was windy and cool on Sunday, it was a beautiful day and reminded me once again how lucky we all are to get to live where we do. And how varied and interesting everyone is. Sometimes we need reminded of that tho’. By the way, there were no protests of any sort, far as we could see.

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