It ain’t really fall yet, but people been giving the booster shots to calves. We did ours today, Eric and Quint helped us and Eli, Aricat and Sissy…good crew, cool morning done by noon.

Cindy and I went over to Hullett, Wy Saturday and watched the bronc riding.. I still think it might be the best one.. more like old times, not a noisy announcer with real loud music and just lots of good bucking horses…saddlebroncs, barebacks and ranch broncs.. even had some bull riding, tho’ I ain’t a fan.. never did know what they was going to do with one of them bulls when they got him broke to ride!

Had a fire just north of us Sunday afternoon.. not sure if it was from lighting or what, but Tate came up and we quick got the water tank on Teddy and hooked up the newly reworked pump to spray water with it.. got there and couldn’t get the pup to work! Man, I was and am still am just a wee might peeved. I am going to take it back to the shop tomorrow and see if I can get some money back and go get a new one.. way to dry and enough grass around for prairie fires to get scary. They got this one shut down quick… no thanks to us!

We still have lots of grasshoppers…they are eating the tomatoes just before they are plumb ripe so we been picking them early.. got lets of them and lots of cucumbers…hopper don’t seem to bother the cukes any… Cindy has made some pickles.. pretty good things…they always get mushy tho’, wish we could figure out what you put in the jars to make them crisp…

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