It has been awhile since I wrote in here. It is hot this morning and going to get hotter… why is it that hotter is so hot, until you eventually get used to it, start doing your outside work earlier, taking a siesta until it cools off towards evening and then hoping for a nice cool breeze. As the old cowboy said one time on a hot day, while looking up towards the sun, “Where in hell were you last winter?”

We had a family as guests for the past few days. Nice couple and good kids. But they wear me out. No experience around horses so you are constantly on the alert to keep them safe and try and teach them that even tho’ these horses are gentle and wouldn’t hurt them for the world, there are others out there who will and it is best to always be on the alert as you never know when you will meet the spookier ones. Who will hurt you, even tho’ they don’t mean to.

But all went well and no one was injured and all seemed to have a great time while here. Hope they come back.

Cattle seem to be doing well, tho’ we have had to doctor for some foot rot. I have been riding my young colt, he’s 4 and very nice… been a few days and him and me need to spend some time together so he doesn’t forget his manners. I haven’t been riding him while the guests were here as I wanted to be mounted on an older, better tested horse, in case of a wreck or so I could head off a wreck and keep my focus on the guests.

We have grasshoppers and they are pretty thick. We have caught a few rains and the grass has been pretty good, but will run short now with all the hoppers and cattle grazing it. I used to be able to get some bran with the biological control in it that only effects the hopper, and none of the other small , good bugs, but can’t get it anymore. I hate to spray as then you kill all the little bugs and many are good for the plants. Oh well, I guess God knows what he is doing.

I better go work in the leather shop! I can stay cool there.

2 thoughts on “Hot

    1. No, We haven’t heard anything from a family.. a lady called this spring, but she was single. Thanks for thinking of us!

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