Branding season

This is the time of year where the cows get shots and the baby calves get worked.. when I say babies, I don’t mean new borns.. no they are big enough to give as good as they get!

We went to one on Thursday, got the first bunch worked while it threatened rain… got the second bunch in and got the pairs split and the cows vaccinated and when we just got a good start on the calves, the heavens opened up and man it rained and the wind blew.. we waited a bit but looked like it wasn’t going to quit for awhile so we went and ate a later lunch, hoping to finish up afterwards.. it never quit… so part of the crew went back and gave vaccinations to the calves and the rest of us went home and took care of things that needed taking care of.. we went and checked on new born wet baby calves… they got a little chilled but by late evening the wind went down and it quit raining and they warmed back up…

Friday we went to anther and it was a great day. Weather co-operated and we got them done, tho’ we did a late start to let things dry out a bit.. they were south and east of us and never got quite as much rain as we did… our rain gauge is broke so don’t know what we had, but over 2 inches in the cat dish setting outside, I am guessing over one and a half inches and almost two.

Today we got started about 7 and the wind howled.. over fifty mph… sure was hard to rope.. finished up one neighbor, went to the others we got rained out on, on Thursday.. more help, so we got them done in good shape, but everyone was glad to be done and get out of the wind……can’t say how many we did, we don’t ask those questions….Sam and Gus helped gather four bunches and wrestled calves all day.. did good.. they are getting the knack, tho’ Sam is still light enough, some of the bigger calves stood him on his head, so to speak, holding down the front end… there were quite a bunch of them 8 to 12 year old kids and they all worked their tail feathers off… miserable, but still a fun, good day.

But I am tired!

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