We needed to get the drop bunch across the road and on to green grass, so this morning after we watched Mass on TV, a bunch of runt cowhands and Chance and I went out and brought them in and sorted off the yearlong heifers and the dry cows (the drop bunch will be getting next to where we have the bulls) and got it done. Some kids learned about holding the herd and how to move and set it up so they would mostly sort them selves off.. no one got hollered at, at least not in an angry way, and them kids made hands. It was fun…after lunch AriCat and Eshack rode ponies and Chance and I on broke horses and we went and tagged the ones that needed it.. then Ari and Eshack helped me feed some hay to the horses and to the heifers and the pairs/yearlings. Then we picked up mineral tubs and salt and moved them. Had to shoot a cow that has been going down.. finally decided she just wasn’t going to get better.. we give her every chance..survival of the fittest I guess. Never a fun thing to do, but sometimes you have to be merciful. Had just a little wind and sure didn’t need a coat. Looks like the upcoming week ought to make the grass shoot up.

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