Wind has been blowing out of the south east for three days.. really getting up there at times.. spreading the flowers pollen I guess.

Chance had to run in to town today so Sam stayed with me and Gramma. So Sam and I went up and took some wire off a fence that needs torn down, we rolled up the wire too. We will go pull the posts one of these days.. then this afternoon we went out and Sam rode July, the pony colt. She will be 2 on July 1st. He rode her a couple times last fall a little ways.. she and he both did good.

Been going to branding. Got most everybody done around here.. we will brand ours sometime around the end of the month. Got another one mid June for people who calve later like we do.

Been getting some rains and the grass is green and growing. Sure is pretty this time of year when it rains.

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