Happy Easter

Hope you all havre a Happy Easter! We are getting a good start on calving and got snow and wind last night and this morning just the wind.. supposed to keep it up for several days, but supposed to warm up a bit as we get into the week… here is what happened last night…

With this snow cold and wind, we have all the calving cattle in close, behind protection and we check on them every two hours.. just before dark I seen a cow had calved and decided we’d better bring him in. I went and got Chance, we saddled to cold horses and set things up so we could use the calf sled and bring the calf in to the shed…I hooked onto the calf sled with Pard.. he had never done this before, and was shivering and not wanting to experience this fun.. but I hooked my rope onto the sled and let it out quite a ways.. Chance had the gates open and set.. Pard snorted and had rollers I his nose and was walking on egg shells and didn’t like that black thing following up.. he is kind of a watch horse…I let it out to about 40 foot behind us, navigated out to the cold calf, Chance loaded him and mama sniffed him and we headed to the barn, mama right there the whole way…we decided to just leave him on front of the horse barn as it is pretty much out of the wind and we’d come back and check on him…Pard and Beav got put in the barn for the night with now warm saddles on their backs.. even gave them a bite of hay.. we went back about a half hour later to check on him and in the mean time I got to thinking we could put an old coat on him…mama was pretty concerned, but we got the coat on , his front legs thru’ the arm holes… stepped back and here come mama, on the fight.. tried to kill the calf.. we get her run off and decided maybe he should go in the barn for awhile and mama could stay out side. looked like he had sucked.. I think she could smell the dog on that coat that had been riding in the back of the ranch outfit all this winter…and the dog setting on it.. anyway, they are in and should make it until morning when this weather should be a bit better … now we check thru; the night… hope I don’t have to sled any more in.. heifers are all in the corral in front of the shed so easier to get in, only problem is, there is a semi wild heifer in the shed withnher baby.. we decided if we had to get another one in, and she left, at least her baby would be in the warm shed.. hope they all cross their legs tonight..

Then later on…Epilogue … one calf in the house, taken back to mama, coat calf back with mama, out with the other pairs.. the rest crossed their legs…

Then this…Epilogue number Dos…. We put the house calf mama in the chute and milked a little in a bottle. Fed it to the calf and git him to suck a little..being in the house did the same as some people and made him dumb…

If some of you, and you know who you are, would just get on Facebook, you could be better updated on me and what goes on around here.. plus, I post videos.. I can’t post video’s on here as they take 6 weeks to upload evidently!

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