Spring has sprung

Weather has warmed up.. been a few real nice days in a row..we started getting some baby calves… I guess it’s spring…. Now, before you get all excited and think “Hey! No more winter!” Well… your kind of right.. no, winter is past.. but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some spring storms.. most of the worst blizzards I have ever seen have come in spring… so don’t be surprised when we get some more snow and for this area, some wind with it.. sounds and looks like we have a shot coming at us mid week, here. Of course! Because we are starting to get baby calves! Oh well, it is to be expected. Only months we don’t really have a chance of snow is June, July and August.. and my Dad saw it when it snowed on the fourth of July!

I hope your all doing well in the Covid crisis… I am hearing bad stories coming out of it.. some well known people have it, some have died.. Odd, no one gets out of this world alive but everyone seems so shocked when someone does die… people are funny critters…

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