Yesterday while skiving leather on a saddle skirt I am building, I slipped and got my hand in the way of a very sharp tool… cut into my index finger.. Cindy and Chance thought it needed stitches, so against my will I went in.. sure enough, 6 stitches.. I do have to say that it isn’t nearly as sore as other cuts I have had, but it happens to be on a finger I don’t have a lot of feeling in because of a pinched nerve in my neck, so they tell me.. haven’t had an MRI. I can’t afford those kinds of things.. Anyway, today I took all the gauze and stuff they had put on it, fixed it up with some bandaids and was back at work in the leather shop.. got two saddles I am trying to get done as fast as I can. We got a couple inches of good wet snow this morning and off and on thru’ out the day. Moisture! We love it! Been a pretty good winter here so far..and spring is supposedly here. As one person said on Facebook today, this is the best March blizzard we’ve ever had! We are practicing social distancing.. so.. same as always! Schwan man was here today but couldn’t come into the house.. company policy right now… really, people are idiots…if people would learn to stay away from other people when ever they have any communicable sickness, then we wouldn’t have this panic….wonder what it is going to do to change the world? Remember 9 11? And all the changes that came about from that? So, life on the ranch goes on.. just like always. Hope your doing good.

2 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. Hope you heal well, might be a blessing that you have no feeling in that finger.
    Social distancing is easy for country folks, but I hear some city dwellers are having melt downs.
    Schwanns ice cream is the best!

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