Beautiful day

Awful nice for March. Got up to 70 seems like and hardly a breath of wind.. a whole bunch of runt cowhands saddled up and wen’t with their father and uncle and grampa and we got all the cows in and sorted off the coming 2 year old, first calf heifers. There were a few steer calves got in at one time or another and we got them sorted off and back to their proper bunch. Some cows with the steer calves that got sorted back into the cow bunch, several bulls calves we caught and turned into steers… no animals or people were hurt in the endeavor tho’ several maybe had a little pain come into their life.. bulls to steers, colts and kids to learning… not much loudness, lots of good loops thrown and some poor ones also, of course. Sweat run off from horses and people and a few of the bovines were panting before it all got done.. quite a change in temps for all of us. Now we March on ahead with our spring work.

I got one saddle finished and the owner picked it up and 2 more started that I am trying to hurry on so they can have them for their calving and brandings. Time changes tonight (why?) so our Mass schedule changes also. 7 tonight and I think stays there until time changes next fall.

There is green grass showing in places, tho’ thin and short and geese all over, honking. Must be spring, but I bet we still get some colder temps and more snow. For sure some rain.. it makes the grass grow, you know.

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