So..we march onward…

When I went out to feed today, there were horses in with the steers, heifer calves and some cows in the pasture next to them, headed towards us.. so I hurried up and fed the grain to the steers (luckily the horses had no idea what I was doing) and then hauled some hay to the cows and heifer calves up the creek and lured most back to the pasture where they belonged… got another bale and tried to lure the few who hadn’t come, with no luck. So fed it, then went back with the tractor, both Bit and Peg, the cow dogs, stepped out of the tractor and got the calves headed to where they belonged… with the help of the dogs, got them back where they belonged, fixed the torn up gates, then came back, got in the Nitro (my ranch vehicle) and drove the horses into the corral and sorted back the three calves who had decided to join them in there. Locked the horses in, went back and got the tractor, fed the rest of the grain to the steers and fixed another couple gates… tomorrow, I will feed the big bunch up west first, and hopefully get them farther north and out of the pasture that is close to the steers. And lock them up there…

Found a good use for these big bags we get grain in. They will hold a ton or more of feed and have loops at the top.. fit right over the spears on the bales spear front of the loader. I brought it up to the house and we loaded up trash that needed hauled away from Tate and Cindys work on the basement. Got it dumped, came back and got another load and left the bag and trash in it at the dump.. now for some no wind weather and some green, so we can burn the trash in the pit.

Was going to finish up a saddle today but other things (like stupid cattle) got in the way. Hopefully tomorrow it will get done and I can get on to other things. Got a belt promised to a guy, two more saddles right away and a couple more after that if I get time before we get too busy with spring work. Also need to build a set or two of wooly chaps. I may have to give up my afternoon naps or start getting going earlier in the morning! Maybe Cindy will get me some caffeine pills tommorw!

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