Been getting lots of rain, washed out a couple creek crossings.. one, I had just got done repairing then got over 2 inches of rain and washed it out again.. I went and worked on a couple today…

Went and worked on water tanks that were getting pretty dug out around them by the cattle and the water… these skid steers are handy..

Got hotter today. this evening we had ambulance training ….had the life flight copter come and land and showed us what to do when we call them, then a presentation after they took off, a lot for an old guy to try and remember..

Kids are having Vacation Bible School, Totus Tous this week in Faith.. I went and picked up the kids yesterday…

Have an appointment with the doc on Thursday, then meet up with Cindy and go down into the Hills and meet up with cousins, out here on vacation..

Seems like there is plenty to do.. still lots of green and the clover is just now starting to lose some blossoms.. lots of people getting hay put up.. it has been hard for them with all the rain.. maybe we will have a late fall and not much snow this winter, seeing as we are getting so much moisture now..time will tell..

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