Up into the low 90’s this afternoon, a little breeze.

Went and helped a neighbor haul his lambs to the sale this morning.. Bit went along and helped.. she got sick at the sale barn, waiting in the pickup so had to go get some paper towels and some spray cleaner and clean up her mess.. poor girl. I let her out at the sale for a bit while waiting to unload, but evidently not long enough… I had the air running hard in the pickup, so she stayed pretty cool, but dogs don’t sweat.. on the way home I found some clean water alongside the road and stopped and let her go in and cool off and get a drink… I lost a dog from over heating once and never want to do it again.. lots of humidity, for this country.

We had to bum a calf yesterday while we were doctoring a few calves for bad eyes…seen one who’s mama ain’t got no milk, just to old I guess, so we caught him and brought him in.. man is he a wild cat.. probably a couple months old or close to it… Cindy and I tried to get him to suck a bottle, but he wasn’t hungry enough, so it didn’t work to well, this afternoon when she got home we did it again and had a lot better luck.. I put some grass and some water in his pen, which is the old horse trailer… I think he’s got the sucking a bottle idea figured out.. I will have to get him some calf feed if someone doesn’t want him. I have one lady interested, but he might be a bit to big for her deal with a couple calves sucking one cow.. she raises quite a few that way…we aren’t really set up very well to raise them.. Cindy works several days every week this summer, as one of the people at the job is out on medical leave…

Lot of hay getting cut today, looks like, finally warming up and drying off enough, people can get to haying full time instead of waiting for things to dry out..

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