Doing stuff

Today, Addy Bear and I took the big draft mares back… didn’t use them nearly as much as I wanted this winter… on the way home we ate at Hardy’s.. all she ate was my curly fries… got some metal to weld a gate back together.. stopped near home at a neighbors and got a couple new branding irons as that is coming up fast.. Then Lige helped me fix fence when we got home and then he and I and Addy Bear rode out and moved some cows.. I rode Feather.. every time I ride him I am amazed at what a nice young feller he is.. nicest colt I’ve ever ridden…

Yesterday… let’s see, what did I do yesterday……. Cindy and I went over and voted in the school board election.. we got three young men from this country on the board…hopefully they can make a difference.. got some steel posts while there and some branding stuff.. when we got home I built some horn irons for dehorning… rode in the evening and moved some cows.. took Bit with me.. when I got home Gabe and Lige were here and Gabe was working with Hub, in the corral, getting him used to a rope.. roping the dummy, then Lige saddled Pilgrim and did the same…then Gabe and I worked with a dumb young two year old fresh cut gelding.. man he is dumb.. but give him credit, there ain’t much quit in him.. when we were done, the colt and I both were pretty sweaty.. Gabe is supposed to work with a couple horses this summer to pay for a car for him to drive to high school this fall.. so hopefully he learned something

The day before yesterday Cindy and I went to Rapid to get branding food and pick up a new cat.. bob tailed mitten Manx, Tom cat.. so far he has been hiding down in the basement, but he will come around… I heard him meowing last night before I went to bed.. they called him Bags , short for Bagheera, named after the panther in the Jungle Book.. he is black.. I think Cindy and I worked with the big draft horse that evening also.. I was tired!

Other than that, we ain’t been doing too much…. sure is pretty and green around these parts!

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