Green, green, GREEN!

Man, green is a pretty color, in the grass anyway…

Laramie came and reshod Feather.. been having trouble keeping shoes on him so he put ones with clips on.. hopefully that will help.. I rode him to gather on Monday when we branded the big bunch and he had some spring in his stride.. a little too much spring! But it was only one jump and he quit as soon as I asked him politely, to quit…

We had a good crew and got the cows vaccinated and the calves worked.. bunch of these runt cowhands were here and they sure did a lot of work.. at one point it was all the little ones running the calf forks, catching calves…real nice day for it, didn’t get too hot or windy.

Tuesday, Gabe and I took a beef in for Tate and then I went to the dentist and got a wisdom tooth pulled. Had one pulled a couple years ago.. probably should just pull them all while I am there, but hate to take out a tooth I might need someday! That part of my cheek is still pretty sore..

It’s tried to rain several times, but haven’t gotten much.. but this country sure looks good.. it is a sweet clover year and out on the gumbo there sure is a lot of it… some runt cowhands and I rode last evening and we didn’t see a lot of it down south… we sorted off and moved some cattle that had gotten in the wrong pasture with cows they weren’t supposed to be with…

I probably need to go fix some fence.. seems like there is plenty of that to do and I just go at it in fits and jerks… but I need to get it fixed and move some cattle around…

I just got a call asking if CC and Ari Cat can spend the day with me, so I imagine we need to go ride at some point. For some reason they like to ride with a crabby old Grampa, or maybe they just put up with him in order to get to go ride… 😀

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