Spring and the work

Still checking cows.. had a beautiful day yesterday… Laramie came and put a shoe back on that Feather had lost.. Chance and I went to Punkin Center and got some posts.. well, we told Tate what we wanted, and he brought them when he got off work at noon… also some salt.. we did stop at Tee’s and get some mineral.. that stuff ain’t cheap.. but a few of them cows weren’t cleaning earlier and we just decided maybe we ought to put some out for awhile…we tore out the old alley leading to the working chute and part of the chute.. it was getting pretty bad…we need to do more on it today and get it all ready for when we work calves as we are going to work the cows also.. Gabe and Lige rode north and south and checked cattle.. Gabe got a ride in on Hub and then on Brody, Lige rode Pilgrim, but as fat and sassy as the Pirate Horse has been this spring, it did him good… windy today, but warmer… supposed to get some rain this evening and tomorrow..I plan on going to town for a Memorial service for a lady I knew when I was growing up, who was raised around here.. and put some flowers on the folks graves. I hope people remember the real reason for this holiday.

Here is one I wrote a long time back..

Memorial Day

My Great Grandpa fought in the Civil War
Entered when he was 17 years old
He fought on the side of the North
Guess he didn’t think folks should be bought or sold

Grampa raised a family on a homestead
Raised food during the First World War
Never had to fight in the trenches
Fightin’ hard times seemed to be his biggest chore

Dad lost an eye in the 30’s
Uncle Harry had an arm that wasn’t good
Uncle Wayne fought in World War Two
Guess each helped out the best that he could

I never had to register for the draft
But my brother was in the Service for several years
Thank God, he never fought in any battles
But my Mom still shed her share of tears

I hope my children never have to fight
Never experience the horrors of a war
But we all owe those who fought and died for us
And you know, thats what Memorial Day is for

                    Robert Dennis

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