Got over a half inch this afternoon in a short time…kind of cool out there.. 40’s… weather shows we could get some snow late tomorrow night and early Sunday morning.. don’t think it will amount to much.. but might get cold enough to freeze the grass and set it back a bit..

Went to 5 branding in 6 days this past week…busy time of the year around these parts.. cows been calving, left and right here.. had a couple losses, but that is to be expected..those guys who claim to get 100% at calving time will lie to you about other things too! 😉

Sure is nice and green… I like this time of year.. of course, I kind of like all the seasons. There is good and bad in it all.

Worked in the leather shop this afternoon… got a pinched nerve in my neck evidently and been doctoring on it for awhile.. I sure notice it when I do much.. that arm is tired now as is the shoulder…went and had acupuncture the other day and it seemed to help.. I am doing stretches when I think of it.. about off all the different meds I was taking.. still taking some ibuprofen every day.. but not as much as I was.. I supposed I need to go get some X-rays or a MRI but I hear they are expensive and I don’t have any insurance that amounts to anything… O’Bummer care.. yeah, great stuff (he spat , sarcastically) I guess getting old isn’t something I needed to do.. as someone wrote on my Facebook page the other day, “If I didn’t hurt in the mornings when I wake up, I’d think I was dead.”

Got a real nice colt I been riding a little this spring.. sure is a nice little rascal.. drug out some calves on him the other day and he handled it well… looking forward to riding him a little this summer.. he is just coming 3 year old and doesn’t need too much riding.. I don’t like to ride one very hard until they are at least 5.. but I don’t want him forgetting all his training either..

Better go check cows and see if any new babies are born and chilled down..

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