Spring has sprung!

Been pretty nice, warmer temps, some wind of course, some snow, some rain, water is running down the creeks.. we are getting a few calves.. cows prefer eating short green grass over dry, old hay.

Next week is Cowboy Poetry week, so Shelane Graham, who is the rural library teacher for our area, talked me in to going to the rural schools while she has her class, and discussing and presenting poetry, especially cowboy poetry. It’s been fun and hopefully we have stirred some young minds.

Good Friday, today. The day our Lord was scourged and crucified for us. Cindy and I watched the Passion, by Mel Gibson last night. It is hard to watch and from what I can read it was not even as bad, the way they show it, as it probably actually was. Hard for me to comprehend that kind of determination, courage and love, that a man would go thru’ all of that willingly, just for me…and you.. and everyone who believes in HIM. Of course, he was God/man so we can rationalize that he had super human strength and endurance, but I think we need to remember, that as a man, he felt every lash and nail and curse and all other pains and ridicule, just as we would. As God, he understood and had such deep compassion, that he was willing to allow this to happen. To save all who believe in him. And of course, we know, as Paul would say, the Rest of the Story! We know he will rise on the morning of the third day. And if we believe in him and follow his commandments, we too can do the same, on the day we leave this earthly life behind!

I hope you have a Blessed Easter and remember, it isn’t about bunny’s Easter eggs and baby chicks. It’s about the One who rose up and reigns in heaven! Viva Christo Rey!

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