Yup, it is that time of the year.. started raining Tuesday night, woke up at daylight to snow and it has snowed of and on since with up to 40 + mph winds. Looks like over a foot of snow here, but hard to tell as much has drifted and some has went into the ground.

We’ve seen worse, but never much fun for those who have livestock out in it. Especially those who are getting calves now. All the ranchers are out in it, doing their best to feed and save the lives of those baby calves.. sleepy and tired and still going… this is the test of cow people on the northern ranges… South of us they just had a real bad one with terrible flooding a few weeks ago.

The frost is out, so it is snow on top of mud.. the good thing is that this will melt right in, where the soil will take it.. the bad thing is, it will run off and flood where the soil is saturated.

Yeah, ranching on the the northern plains sure is fun. Good thing we have God with us, holding us by the hand and helping us…if we let Him.