As rain and then switched over to real small flakes of snow… not real windy…yet! But sure wet out there…

We’ve been getting some rain of late…a quarter to half inch, here and there.. cows are calving.. getting a new pairs kicked out.. getting some riding in..

About a month ago, I started have some pain in my left shoulder blade. I’ve had it off and on for years.. but this just kept getting worse and worse… finally I went to a Chiro.. he popped and snapped some stuff in my neck and back, but it didn’t seem to help the pain too much.. he showed me some stretches to do and they didn’t help much either.. had to go to town the next day, so went back and saw a different Chiro.. about the same deal, some pops and cracks, but not much help for the pain.. went in the next day and saw a PA and she prescribed some pills… they helped, but not all night long.. I’d wake up in the morning with screaming pain… morning being any time after 12 am… I’d go to my chair and watch TV while alternating heat and cold on my shoulder and neck… after a couple days of that I went and saw my doctor and she prescribed some other pills… they’d help a little, but still not completely.. couldn’t get much sleep…finally I went and saw a Physical Therapist who had helped me in the past.. he showed me some stretches to do and my doc sent me a different prescription… so now most of the sharp pain is gone, but still some dull pain and numbness in my fingers and that arm just feels weak and weird… hopefully these new stretches will get it taken care of in time…

Not sure what kicked this in, but sure hope it goes away in time.. I can afford MRI’s and such as our insurance is a joke…very high deductible and still can’t afford the premiums.. yeah, Obama care…. what a wonderful deal it is!

So that is one of the reasons I haven’t been posting much on here… branding season has started…. Chance took my place at the first one.. got another scheduled for tomorrow, but with this weather I bet they hold off.. then 4 in a row end of this week and the weekend.. hopefully I will be able to go to all and even help with the work.. may have too just set on my horse and get in the way! 😀

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