Calm before the storm

We went out and saddled up a bunch of horses and moved all the cows south of the road, up into the 80, across from the house… looks like we got a spring blizzard coming in.. starting with rain on Tuesday and then switching to snow Wednesday, early morning.. lots of wind.. they are predicting about an inch of rain and 6 inches of snow as of now.. but that can all change as we get closer… Gramma rode Pilgrim and I rode my colt, Feather… Chance and his crew rode their regular mounts. Nice warm day today, a little breeze. We have had a few heifers calves that weren’t supposed to until later and a couple cows, as the bull got out early last year… but we are not really calving, so it won’t be real tough, but we still have to watch them close in case something does calve and it’s amazing how a spring storm can make cows calve.

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