Man, it is nice out!

60 degrees or so and supposed to be warmer tomorrow.. I fed yearlings then went to cleaning corrals.. they ain’t perfect but much better than they were. I hauled a bunch of old dried manure that had gotten pushed up in a pile for years, out onto the hardpans last fall, with Chances dump trailer.. I have about got the pile back to the same size! This will shrink down as it dries out.. lots of it real sloppy… we are going to have cattle in the corral Friday or Saturday so it will be nice to have them better.. still need to push manure up in the lot out back… I make piles, they dry out and cattle love to lay on them and they even give a little wind protection… if we had a manure spreader or the money to hire one, I guess we could scatter it and make the grass better in places… but I don’t so I won’t.

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