Today is Gabes 14th birthday…man, I am getting old.. I notice it with this winter.. I can think of lots worse winters.. Chance claims last year was colder, longer, but I don’t remember that.. ah, the beauty of losing you mind, with age!But this one seems to be dragging on and on…

Yesterday just as I was getting done feeding, the tractor acted like it was gelling up.. just so happened Chance was in town taking the kids to their mother, so I called him and he brought home a new fuel filter.. on this tractor, you have to unhook from the loader and back it up a bit to get to the filter and the water separator… I just had the bale spear on the front and it isn’t very heavy.. you kind of need the bucket on the front to help balance the weight of the loader outI guess.. we got backed up from it, but it wasn’t exactly level ground, so it was setting a bit crooked.. when I went to rehook after we got the filter changed and the tractor running again, it was a bit scary……….evidently I pulled the wrong lever or ran it the wrong way.. Chance seemed to get a bit excited and I was just scared!

We did finally figure out which way to move what lever and got it back together.. life was easier when I just used a team of horses to feed with, but it was colder too and took longer, with as many bales as we’ve been feeding in this cold..

I went to chop ice on a dam for the cows down south and it was pretty thick… not even sure they watered there, they have water at a tank, not real far away, but wanted to make sure they had easy access to water.. there is another tank close to where I fed them yesterday, but it is all full of ice……..hopefully I can get it going and thawed out today.. life was easier when I just used windmills to water cows in winter.. until the wind didn’t blow or something quit working…

Odd, how when you need to work on a windmill it’s always real hot or real cold…

Anyway, I am sure ready for warmer weather… we have about 8 to 10 inches of snow that drifted in the wind the other day and night…I did get most of it plowed out like I needed, but probably will do some more now.. I am just killing time, waiting for it to warm up a bit more.. cold is hard on iron tractors and such….. and, evidently, old grump’s! Happy Birthday Gabe!

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