Long day

Been having some water problems at the corral and Chances house… got to cold in the basement of the old house and it caused the pump to malfunction.. we got it going again day before yesterday.. then yesterday afternoon, Chance noticed he had no water.. usually happens when the cattle are drinking a lot and there are quite a few drinking on that tank.. he went to look at the tank last night and saw no water in it, so went and checked the pump and the basement of the old house was flooded with water… about 4 feet deep at least.. he shut the power off and this morning we tried to pump it with my small gas powered pump I use for firefighting.. just a small trash pump… we could make it work

So I went on and fed some cattle while he tried to locate a different pump.. he found a big one and brought it home and we got it going and water was just pumping out the basement of the old house like you was fighting a fire… I went on and fed more cattle and stopped in later.. he and the little boys had it mostly pumped out and trying to find the leak and what all was wrong.. a very good neighbor came over and he and Chance worked on it and finally came to the conclusion the old pump was shot and we needed a new one… found where it was leaking and got it shut off.. it isn’t needed any more so we should have that fixed.

So we called the place in Belle that handles them and told them not to close up on us.. we made a flying trip in there and the Lord was looking over us as we never found much for poor roads and no cops or slow drivers got in the way.. got there about closing time with the old pump and they fixed us up with a new one, for half or less than we were afraid it was going to cost! Woo Hoo!

We grabbed a bite to eat and headed home.. when we got home we assembled the pump and stuff as best we could and decided we’d go to hooking it up in the morning..

Today was Chances 34 th birthday so it was an odd way to celebrate it.. ah, the wonderful life of a rancher!

I took Pilgrim in yesterday to have an eye removed as he had gotten and infection some way and it was shrunk away and mattering… while I was in town I ran to Rapid and got Chances kids… hopefully they will get to spend some fun time with him tomorrow..

Oh, and I have a flat to fix on Cindy’s car, that we drove…what a wonderful day!

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