While feeding yesterday, Chance and I found and brought home a smaller, late summer/fall born calf who was obviously not feeling well.. we loaded him in the loader bucketing brought him home.. only warm place I could think of was in the mud room, so we unloaded him on the front deck/porch and Chance drug him into the mud room.. put him under a blanket next to a heating outlet from the propane heater for the house and went to wring him up.. Chance gave him an antibiotic and some cow aspirin to help him feel better…drenched him with some real warm sugar water… later on I drenched him with a beer and warm water, to get the bugs in his gut going and then even later put some water in a shallow bucket and got him to drink some.. he was up and about during the night a bit.. made a small mess on the floor and Cindy cleaned it all up.. he never even got out from under his blanket… this morning I gave him more antibiotic and cow aspirin…and water.. then later, just a few minutes ago, I brought him in some hay, cut and tore some into smaller pieces and put some to his mouth and he is eating his hay now… he just might make it… he needs to get in better shape to stand the cold, before we put him back outside.. so far his messes are not real messy, so Cindy has put up with him..she kind of like playing nursemaid anyway, to small creatures….. so, now, I guess we have a house cow!

And them idiots in fake animal rights groups, think we don’t like our livestock!

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